February 2012 Real Estate Market Snapshot

IPO’s are back; so are “dot-com boom” market conditions
LinkedIn employees and investors are leading the way in the early days of 2012 and the community is a buzz about the upcoming Facebook IPO.  With all of this activity, it’s clear that Palo Alto is ground zero for much of the new wealth in the area. The multiple offers and over-bidding are reminiscent of the dot-com boom of ’99-’00.  The average selling price in Palo Alto in January ’12 was 4% over the asking price.
Low Inventory Continues
Local inventory of homes for sale were down in January.  This trend is consistent with rising (local) consumer confidence. Over the years, we have observed that when home owners have confidence in the economy, they believe the value of their home is rising and are less likely to want to sell in the near term.  Buyers, on the other hand, are desperate to find something to buy before they are priced out of their target neighborhoods. This is a happy time for home owners in our area.
Please find charts of market activity and median sales price for single family home sales in January for the last decade in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Menlo Park.  Included are % of list price received and months of inventory which give you a more complete picture of supply and demand.
If you have any questions about the charts below or wish to get data and analysis about another town in the area, please contact us.

It’s Hockey Season!  Prices continue to go sky high in Palo Alto and the surrounding communities.  And the inventory of homes on the market continues to be as low as the rainfall this winter.  This is making for even more multiple, over-the-asking-price, offers.

In the charts below, you’ll find 10 years of data for market activity and sales price in February in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Menlo Park.  We also compiled information about Condos and Townhomes in Palo Alto this month.  Given that the average sales price of a single family home in Palo Alto is inching toward $2M, attached homes are becoming an attractive and affordable alternative. You can’t find this level of historical data all in one place anywhere else, so if you have any questions or wish to get more info about your community, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Source: MLSListings.com

Palo Alto Median Home Sale Price February

Palo Alto Home Sales Activity February 2012

Palo Alto Condos and Townhouse

Los Altos Median Sales Price

Los Altos Market Activity

Los Altos Median Sales Price

Los Altos Hills Market Activity