Negotiations are critical for you to receive the highest price and best terms. Once you have put in all the time, effort, and expense to properly prepare and market your home, the process of negotiation should be artfully managed in your favor. Sadly, most home sale negotiations are conducted in a simplistic manner, resulting in a lower sale price. We have developed the following tips and strategies to help you achieve optimum results when selling your home.

  • Always allow the right amount of marketing days before reviewing offers
  • Encourage all offers (even low-priced offers)
  • Respond to all offers, counter-offering when necessary
  • Always request up to 24 hours to respond to offers so you have negotiating flexibility
  • Encourage, but do not demand up-front, that agents write “as-is” offers
  • Allow “sharp offers” or “relative bids” to increase the final sale price
  • Encourage, but do not demand up-front, that agents write “non-contingent” offers
  • Do not offer credits (e.g. for carpeting) to the buyer up-front before offers are made
  • Do not offer your “negotiating chips” (e.g. refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.) up-front
  • Carefully consider negotiating with two or more offers simultaneously
  • Limit any mandated repairs required of the seller in the contract
  • Write clear and unambiguous terms in any counter-offers so they are legally binding
  • Tightly write the contract to increase the likelihood of closing escrow to nearly 100%

If you are thinking about selling your home, now is the best time to begin establishing your strategy and outlining a plan. We are here to help you with the level of professionalism you need to get the most out of your valuable asset. Contact us for more information on how we can make your next transaction profitable, convenient, and stress-free.